Presence & Voice Counseling English

Dare! - Speaking in front of an audience is fun!

(Online) meetings and presentations, (online) sales pitches and negotiations - the
the challenges of the new age in all businesses

Do you know this as well?

Beads of sweat on your forehead, your stomach is going crazy, breakfast almost says good day again, your hands and legs are shaking ...however - stage fright before a performance in front of other people has struck.

Don't panic on the Titanic - there are wonderful and simple tricks and tips, and you will step onto the stage of life with joy and inspire your audience.


I'll show you in my seminars and coaching sessions!

Here you will learn:

  •     how stage fright can become a source of strength

  •     how every conversation, lecture or meeting with you becomes an experience for others

  •     how to do all this authentically and lively online

  •     how much fun it is to perceive and entertain your audience

  •     how you can pick up your audience with this knowledge and ability and thus advance the things you are aiming at

  •     how to live your charisma and presence authentically

1-Day Get-To-Know-Workshop

This is what you can expect, among other things, in my 1-day get-to-know-you seminar:
(the seminar can take place online or offline and can be extended to 2 - 3 days, depending on the customer's wishes)

Part 1: About the skillful use of the instrument 'voice'                              approx. 2 1/2 - 3 hours

  • Good morning without singing in
  • Questions, expectations and wishes of the participants
  • Arrival in the body
  • Exercises and first knowledge, tricks and tips
  • Breathing and breathing types
  • What do sun and moon have to do with abdominal breathing and
    what use is the knowledge of my breathing type for my performance?
  • Which type am I?
  • What can I do for myself?
  • Anatomy of the voice and the vocal body
    the 4 golden rules - a round of snacking and kissing the language with jam - laugh a lot and have fun!
  • Exercises: Speech training with body awareness
  • Vocal hygiene and what to snack on during the break
  • Exchange of experiences / Q&A

Break (approx. 1 hour)

Part 2: Stage fright - Audience - And the game with the forces           approx. 2 1/2 - 3 hours

  •     Exchange round
  •     Stage fright and charisma I
        wherefrom, why, wherefore? - Two sides of the same coin and
        what it has to do with the frequencies of our brain.
  •     Recognizing the audience and yourself I - the emotional needs pyramid
  •     In 10 seconds into your being - the origin of charisma and presence
        (a meditative journey into the high frequency world of the brain)
  •     Exchange of experiences
  •     The only (true) voice warm-up exercise
  •     Exercises for voice acrobats
  •     Stage fright and charisma II
        second meditative journey: The observer from outside - the observer from inside
        Exercises to get inside
  •     Exchange
  •     Recognize the audience and yourself II - recognize your audience and speak their language - 4 funny guys make it possible!
  •     Presence and charisma online
        Experience virtual spaces
        Who is there and where and how many? And how do I get to them?
  •     Feel distance and closeness - live respect - in any space
  •     Tips and tricks for life in front of the camera
  •     Entering a virtual space - getting in front of an audience

    Final round with questions and outlooks: What is still possible?

This seminar is suitable for companies, private groups and individual coaching.
Individual seminar design on request!

Both the seminars and the individual coaching are available in German and English. Please contact me! I am looking forward to our cooperation!